Aviation Industry

Inconsistent temperatures can lead to slippery floors and serious safety risks. Falls are the leading cause of employee injuries, according to the National Floor Safety Institute – and slips due to moisture on the floor make up more than 10 percent of all falls.

Ground damage events cost the business aircraft industry over $100 (€93) million/year. Some, such as maintenance-related risks, environmental issues and towing risks, could be significantly reduced with HVLS fans designed for airport hangers. HVLS fans mix warmer air at the ceiling with cooler air at the floor to minimize ceiling-to-floor temperature differentials and increase the surface evaporation rate in an aircraft hangar.

Plane owners will appreciate the comfort as they board their planes, and technicians working on highly advanced equipment will appreciate being able to concentrate on their work with an aircraft hangar fan. Reducing humidity, moisture and bacteria helps prevent condensation on the planes, cutting the risk of rust and other mechanical issues.